Nata Sample Papers

Original question papers of Nata Exam previous years

There are two papers in Nata Test of 200 marks.

The Exam Pattern is as follows:

Parts      Type of Questions                  Marks
Part I – Aesthetic Sensitivity
(1 hour)
40 Questions = 100 marks
Part II – Drawing Test
  (2 Hours)
3 Question = 100 marks 
(no choice is provided)
      200 marks

Previous 5 -6 years  Papers of  Nata 2012 , 2011 , 2010 ,2009 etc  , Sample questions , Frequently asked questions in nata

Both the papers are are on same day with a 15 minutes gap

What question comes in Drawing Paper of Nata   –                               3 questions in drawing paper

  • 2 D compositions   25 marks
  • 3 D compositions    25 marks
  • Memory Drawing  – 50 marks


Q1.  You are provided with 2 circles , 1 Traingle , 4 Squares . Make a intersting composition with the given shapes and       colour it with 3 colours of your choice .  use the space provided -25 marks

Q2. You are provided with 2 prism and 2 prymid make a stable composition with the effect of light and shade . Assume the light is falling on objects from right hand side . use the space provided

Q3. Your height has been reduced to 6 cms and you are standing inside a ladies purse . Draw what you see from your position .


Q1. With the profile of  Aqutic animals draw a composition .Use 3 colours of your choice . -25 marks

Q2.  With the help of 6 Cylinders make a stable and intresting 3 D composition in form of a building . Show the effect of Light and shadow  25 marks

Q3. You are on a gaint wheel inside a fair . Draw the veiw from your position – 50 marks


Q1. Draw a interesting composition with the help of basic geometrical shapes . You can use shapes more than once . Colour it with 4 Colours of your choice .

Q2. With the help of number of cubes interlocked make a interesting composition in form of Arch or a  Opening . The cubes can be opaque or transparent . Show the effect of light and shadow.

Q3. You have gone to a doctors chamber . As soon as you enter the chamber the doctor leaves his for 5 minutes .Draw what you see in those 5 minutes . Suppose you are sitting on a chair in front of doctors table . 50 Marks


Q1. With the help of 1 Rectangle and 1 circle make a logo for Indian Hockey team .Use three colours of your choice

Q2.  Make a stable 3 D composition with help of  2 bricks , 2 Stone , and 2 wooden logs of same size . Show the effect of light falling from left hand size .

Q3. Your height has been reduced to 5 cm and you are standing on a news paper on a table kept inside a room. Draw the veiw from your position .


Q1. With the help of  Zic zac lines make a composition to show confusion . Use 3 colours

Q2. 1 computer ,2 books, 1 glass of water , and your grandfather reading glasses are kept on a table .Draw the stable comosition witht he effect of light .

Q3. You are a leg umpire in a cricket match played in a stadium .Draw the veiw of match from your position .


Q1. With the help of   squares and circles make a flooring patttern for a 5 star hotel lobby . Use primary colours only – 25 marks

Q2. With the help of utensils make a stable 3d composition .Show the effect of light . 25 marks

Q3. You are sitting in third row of  a auditorium and a dancer is performing on the stage . A spot light is faling on the dancer . Draw the veiw .  50 marks

How to score good marks in Nata . or how to attempt questions , Points to be kept in mind while Preparing or Giving  nata exams .

  • Both papers are equally important so prepare well .
  • Time management is very important in both papers .
  • Read the questions very carefully and understand what exactly is asked in the questions.
  • Lots of practice for both papers.
  • 60 seconds max for one question in on line exams . So students should be well prepared other wise 60 seconds are only wasted in reading the questions only . Questions once gone are never repeated again .
  • Answer all questions as there is no negative marking in nata exams .
  • If you don’t get correct answer you can choose the nearest answer .
  • Try to save time while answering the online questions as it will give you more marks .
  • For Drawing part answer all the question . Instead of putting all your efforts on one question you should try to give equal time to all questions . Answering all question gives you more marks .
  • Select colours from colour theory ie Primary , Secondary or Contrast colours .
  • Dont make light sketches as during scanning the papers the light lines or shading fades away.
  • Practice sketches with free hand it saves time .
  • Dont use too much of rubber during exams it wastes time .
  • Sharpen your pencils in advance .
  • Dont waste time looking  into others paper as all the students at centre gets different questions.

1. Theory paper – 1  hour .On line exams – 100 marks .

2. Drawing Paper – 2 Hours – 100 marks

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